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100% True wattage, no overstate spec., no fake data. 


✔ Solves the complex wiring process for outdoor floodlights

✔  Enables homeowners to install floodlights on their own

✔  Eliminates the need to hire an electrician and buy extra tools

✔  Saves a considerable amount of time and frustration

  • 2-year warranty

  • Free Shipping

  • Money-back guarantee

Backed by ten-year experience and sophisticated technique in the lighting industry, Ustellar officially started its journey in 2017 to serve high-level decorative lighting products with quality, sustainability and functions. The sales volume and real customer reviews have already proved our huge success, but we will never stop there. Instead, Ustellar is always on the way to optimize itself so as to provide best user experience for you all! 

Daisy-chained & individually programmable RGBW LED floodlights

You only need one power outlet to enable the whole set of six floodlights. Then you don't have to buy extra extension cords to hook them all up. This makes installation far easier for the average homeowner. As we work with the Smart Life app, just simple taps on the mobile phone allow you to control each light separately even when you are not at home. 

1 cord, 6 lights. 10' of cord between them. 

With near-infinite customization options, you can use them individually if you so desire. You can choose 16 million colors for ambient decoration and 2700K warm white for daily use. And whether it’s to create a fun atmosphere or serve an illumination purpose, scroll through colors and settings to pinpoint your style or mood, and no complicated wiring required.

Patented exclusive design 

The LED diode cover is made from a textured glass with an anti-glare design, showing off your modern aesthetic in details. This is better for diffusing light and protecting eyes. The light emitted is also softer, creating a gentle atmosphere. The bracket can be rotated up to 360 degrees, which supports various angles of wall and ground installation. 

RGBW color range  

While most of us know that RGB – Red / Green / Blue – you might not have heard of the W part at the end. This is an acronym for warm white, and 2700 Kelvin (2700k) has a much warmer feel to it and tends to mimic the warmer tone of a traditional halogen light bulb. You can set your GemBand warm white to greet you as you come home.

Voice control / Group control

"Alexa, dim the light to 50 percent." Use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn your lights on and off, dim them, and more. This is especially great at night when you’re ready to go to sleep – all you have to do is using your voice to turn off the lights from the comfort of your bed!

Dance to music

With built-in IC, the colors of six flood lights could 100% sync with the rhythm and beats.  It's definitely a fun party trick, or an easy way to have a dance-off with your cat. Choose any music mode in the app to turn your favorite songs into a show of color and light,  and feel every beat like never before. 

Sync to your daily schedule

Preset in the app according to your daily schedule and make lights a part of your habit. For example, you can set schedules to automatically turn off on 11pm , in case you forget turning off them. And when you're out, use them to make others think you're still home, which gives you peace of mind whether you're home or away.

Born for holidays

No toil. No trouble. All for holidays. Blue, green and purple spot lights add the perfect spooky atmosphere for your front yard Halloween cemetery or yard haunt. And you can add orange and red lights as the accent colors since they contrast well with the blue and green. With convenient control and endless possibilities, you can match your GemBand floodlights to your surroundings and get unique ambiance easily.

Ultra environment resistance

The IP66 is in reference to the Smart LED Flood Lights’ weather-resistance rating. The first “6” indicates a high level of dust-resistance. Indeed, the housing is practically impervious to dust, and won’t get damaged even in a dust storm. The second “6” indicates a medium-high level of water-resistance. In fact, it’s the highest level of water-resistance you can have without being fully submersion-proof. (The power adapter is IP44 rated waterproof.) 


Total Wattage : 40W/ 100W

Cord Length: 10ft between each two lights

Lumen : 3600lm/ 9000lm

Current Frequency: 50/60Hz

Color: RGB+2700K Warm White

Material: ‎PC+Aluminum

Batteries Required: ‎No

Type of Bulb: ‎LED

Waterproof rating: IP66 (The power adapter is IP44 rated waterproof) 

Woking Temperature: -20~40℃

Kindly Note:

1) Only work with 2.4G WiFi (Not support 5G WiFi).

2) The wires between the lights are fixed and cannot be extended, and the light head and wire cannot be disassembled.

3) Use this product with the provided power adapter only.

4) The power adapter is IP44 grade waterproof, which can not be used outdoor. Please connect to a indoor socket, or use a waterproof box.

5) The WiFi signal receiving module is built into the first flood light head (the one close to the power adapter). The distance between the first flood light head and your WiFi router should be less than 65ft/20m.  

6) For the first time paring the light in app, please turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth on your phone.

Package includes:

Floodlights x 6

Power adapter x 1

Ground Sticks x 6

Screws x 7

Screws Washers x 7

L Shaped Hex Key Wrench x 1

User Manual x 1