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How To Wire Multiple Lights To One Switch

As a general rule of thumb, one can wire as many lights to a switch as they wish. The light wires would be daisy chained from one light to another. Keep in mind it would be limited to the 15 amps of current the circuit could provide. Remember to never do your own electrical work without a qualified electrician.

In order to install a circuit, you need a switch for each set of lights. Each light should be connected to its own hot and neutral wire. When you’re connecting multiple lights to a single switch, you should also connect the lights in parallel. This is known as “daisy chaining,” and it is a great way to install a number of LED lamps. The wiring is done by running two wires to each light location. Each two wire cable connects to a screw in the switch box. Then, you can connect the white wires to the white wires. You can then run the white wires from each light location to the switch. The last light should have a single two-wire cable.

The better way is buying Ustellar daisy-chained & individually programmable RGBW LED floodlights. You only need one power outlet to enable the whole set of six floodlights. Then you don't have to buy extra extension cords to hook them all up. This makes installation far easier for the average homeowner. As we work with the Smart Life app, just simple taps on the mobile phone allow you to control each light separately even when you are not at home.

With near-infinite customization options, you can use them individually if you so desire. You can choose 16 million colors for ambient decoration and 2700K warm white for daily use. And whether it’s to create a fun atmosphere or serve an illumination purpose, scroll through colors and settings to pinpoint your style or mood, and no complicated wiring required.