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How to install 20+ colored rgb flood lights in your garden

More and more people using color changing flood lights to lighting their garden with colorful lights. The lighting makes the garden colorful looks like a fairy tale. Usually we will need about 8-16 lights to decorate our garden. But we will meet a big problem when install them. It’s really difficult for us to prepare so many power outlets for these lights.

Some customers use multiple evenly-spaced plug line to solve the problem. But they will also meet a problem at rainy day cause these evenly-spaced plugs were not waterproof. So you can not just leave the lights at rainy day. It will easily take safety issues such as short circuit.

In order to solve the installing problem for our customers. Ustellar Introduced the Gemband smart RGBCW flood lights, one plug with 6 flood light. The cord between 2 lights is 10ft. You only need one power outlet to enable the whole set of six floodlights. Then you don't have to buy extra extension cords to hook them all up. This makes installation far easier for the average homeowner. As we work with the Smart Life app, just simple taps on the mobile phone allow you to control each light separately even when you are not at home.