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Backed by ten-year experience and sophisticated technique in the lighting industry, Ustellar officially started its journey in 2017 to serve high-level decorative lighting products with quality, sustainability and functions. The sales volume and real customer reviews have already proved our huge success, but we will never stop there. Instead, Ustellar is always on the way to optimize itself so as to provide best user experience for you all! 

Ustellar Waterproof Bright Lights Let Your Outdoor Space Shine

Create A Unique Atmosphere

Create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor occasion with the Ustellar outdoor light strip. Diffused glow of the outdoor light strip adds millions of colors subtle yet powerful accent to any yard, create highlights color ambiance in your landscaping or on the patio.

Control Your Way

1. With the easy-to-use app, you can control your smart LED strip light via smart phone with stable signal. Choose from millions of colors including multicolor mode looks as settings for flashing, jump, smooth, and fading.

2. 360° RF Remote Control with included CR2025 battery, remote signal no obstructed by buildings.

-Note-Both ways can control the outsides strip lights without affecting each other.

IP65 Waterproof, Safe to Touch, Bright Outdoor Light, High Eficiency, Save Energy, Low Temperature

Weatherproof, Outdoor Usage, Diffused Light Effect

Eyecatching Outdoor Decoration

Completely flexible, the outdoor waterproof rope light lets you shape, bend and manipulate it to shine any way you want, anywhere you want. Use the included mounting clips for limitless possibilities such as underneath a table, along the edge of a roof, outline decks, patios, pathways, stairs.

Flexible LED Light for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Completely sealed with silicone tube, it is easy to bend it around tight corners. Great for outdoor patios, pool areas, pathways. Indoor living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces.

Multifunction Smart Strip Light

3-Ways of Music Mode

Music Player
Mobile Phone MIC
Build-in MIC

Fully Adjustable Color Light

Infinity Color Selection
0~100% Brightness
0~100% Speed

Smart Schedule Setting

Schedule to Turn On
Schedule to Turn Off
Monday to Sunday Repeat Selection

2 Ways of Installation

Fairly Simple to Install with A Clear Step by Step

Ustellar rope lights have complete mounting kit: 32.8ft/10m RGB Lights Strip, 30 sets of buckles/pins, 50 zip ties. Use the included mounting clips to place the outdoor waterproof light strip under a railing or along a post, and above the pool. Take note that the outsides light do.

Note !!!

Ustellar waterproof strip light LED is non-cuttable.


Brand: Ustellar

Color: 16 Million Colors

Wattage: 13W

Voltage: 24V

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor

Light Source Type: LED

Power Source: DC

Material: Silicone Rubber

Controller Type: ‎APP & Remote Control

Kindly Note:

Please note the backside isn't adhesive since the stickiness likely wouldn't last long outdoors.

Besides, it' s more convenient to remove the waterproof rope light without adhesive tape.

It's a perfect outdoor LED lighting for Halloween and Christmas decoration. Easy to install in buildings, walkways, gardens, fences, eaves, porches, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.

Package includes:

32.8ft / 65.6ft Waterproof LED Strip with US Adapter x 1

‎360° RF Remote Control (included CR2025 battery) x 1

Buckles/Pins x 30

Zip Ties x 50

User Manual x 1