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Your Ultimate Guide on Buying RGB Flood Light

Before you rush any decision and buy a light that might not be suitable for you, take your time and read this. There are a lot of small details you can focus on, but to make it easier for you, we will cover only the main areas.

1. Position Matters

When deciding on the floodlight, check the area where you want to install it. Imagine you have bought a floodlight to light up a garage or workshop. Soon enough, you have realized that the light is shaded by hydraulic lift, so the area you wanted to light up is still shaded. As a result, you cannot fully enjoy the potential of the purchased light. So make sure you check that the position has enough empty space nearby to spread the light.

Ideally, it should be mounted at the highest point facing down. This way, you will get the maximum use of the light and avoid any hassle with re-installation due to the poorly selected location. The height between 15-20 feet works best for LED floodlights.

2. Light Output Efficiency

Now once you are happy with where you will install it, it is the time to talk about the light itself. To truly determine the efficiency of the LED bulb, you should use the following formula and compare the number among other LED bulbs.

Light efficiency = Lumens / Watts

The formula above tells you how many lumens the bulb generates per one watt. The watt is the measure of energy consumption, so the more light it generates per watt, the better the efficiency.

3. Cooling for Powerful Light

If you are on the hunt for some more powerful floodlights, you need to consider how you are going to cool them. Like all electronics, LED floodlights hate high temperatures. Because of their power they can also heat quite a lot. What you should do is to check whether the lighting you have selected has the aluminum heat-sink.

Usually, there will be some sort of the cooling grille behind the light to take heat away, but ensure that it is aluminum.

4. Weatherproof

If you plan to install the light outside where it will be exposed to dust and rain, make sure it has the IP certification. Ideally, you will be looking at IP65 certification and above. IP65 rated light is protected against rain and dust-tight.

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