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Ultimate guide to choose security lights

There are many security lights on the market, intelligent, non intelligent, with different wattage and control methods, with or without motion sensors, solar or electric.

But how do you choose the appropriate safety lighting for your home? Here are some suggestions:

For smaller areas such as the front of the garage, a 30W light is an ideal choice, such as our Ustellar 30W Smart Outdoor LED Security Light. Its brightness is sufficient to illuminate the entire area in front of the garage, while it does not produce too much glare, causing interference to your daily traffic

For houses or gardens, depending on their size, the lights may need to cover a larger area, so please choose Ustellar 50W Smart Outdoor LED Security Light.

Both of the above lights are smart control security lights with motion sensor. In motion sensor mode, the lights will detect ambient motion by PIR sensor and activate lighting while event records can be checked on phone. Also you can set the schedule in manuel mode, and the led outdoor light will turn on or turn off at a specific time. The security lights will stay at your last setting when you turn on again.

By the way, some people need simple security light at the door or hallway,

just need to turn it on when pass by. In this occasion, Ustellar 2 Pack 55W 5500LM Security Light 5000K Daylight is your best choice. This outdoor security light fixture can be turned on/off by a wall switch, it’s very simple and convenient to use.