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Tips For Tree Lighting

Adding tree lighting to your Landscape Lighting design can add beauty & elegance to your outdoor scenery. There are different techniques & approaches that can be implemented. Great tree lighting requires an artistic vision for what you want to see and experience at night.

Types of trees

Different kinds of trees require different lighting techniques. There are two types of trees that most of us have in our yards coniferous, (evergreens, pine, spruces) and deciduous (maple & oak). These types of trees are lit differently depending on what part of the tree your trying to accent. Example, if you are highlighting the tree coverage, this will require the floodlight to placed in a different location and angle than if you are focusing on the trunk.

All trees are not created equal

In other words, no two trees are the same. For this reason no two trees should be lit the same way. Smaller trees generally require a softer light source, while larger trees call for a stronger light, and possibly multiple fixtures. This can be achieved by utilizing an array of light options to create different beam spread and lumen output, by doing this you are able to better tailor and contour the effect to what your are trying to capture.

Balance and arrangement

It's important to understand that it's not essential to have light shining on everything in your landscape. In order to create balance, you'll need to take a step back and look at the overall look of the space you are lighting. In this case, balance means finding a flow that will help carry the scene you're trying to create.

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