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How to choose security light for your home

There are a lot of different ways to add lighting for home security, but the primary characteristics of most security lighting: it's bright, it covers a large area, it comes on when triggered, it's designed and rated to survive out in any weather, and it's often mounted higher than other lights—which helps it cover a larger area.

First of all, look for fixtures that will put the light where you need it. This can range from high-mounted floodlights to (almost) low-level path lights that make walking or stair climbing more secure after dark. Porch and doorway lights, for example, serve as area lighting, decorative lighting, and security lighting all in one.

Secondly, look for fixtures and components that are made to be outside. If the fixtures will be under a roof, as porch lights usually are, then they should be made to tolerate dampness but don't have to be weatherproof. Fixtures installed on an exposed exterior wall or in any other unprotected area, such as in your yard or next to outside stairs, need to be weatherproof to last, long-term, and to be safe.

Third is the wattage. The best wattage for outdoor lights in a backyard is below 80 watts. The most common wattage for landscape lighting is 50. 50 watts or lower are ideal for accent lighting, stylish lighting, and for making the ground easier to see. You can also use them in gardens to show off your plants and statues at night. 50 - 80 watts are what you’ll mostly find inside your home. They’re great for larger areas like driveways or for lighting up an entire yard. You can use them to light up smaller areas, but be sure to use them sparingly. Anything above 80 watts isn’t for home use. They light up larger areas like parking lots, highways, pedestrian areas, and such.

They should provide the light when it is needed; the most effective and efficient security lighting will be equipped with automatic controls. Ustellar 50W smart security light makes everything easy. With the Smart Life App, your voice, or smart accessories could control your lights anytime and anywhere. Group them together in the app and release yourself from the chaos. It is also advised that you create groups for different spaces like the porch, yard, driveways, etc.