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How to choose LED lights for under cabinets?

Modern times have modern needs. Today, we prefer open kitchens with soothing atmospheric designs. For such types of kitchens, we can install LED strip lights under the cabinet. Just stick the lights below the cabinets. You can also install them along the kitchen console table.

We all know that water is the enemy of all electronic appliances. The same is the case with LED strip lights. So always choose waterproof LED strip lights for your kitchen. This feature can prevent strip damage.

Ustellar super bright waterproof LED light strip features the 3.28ft version with 1200lm brightness, equal to 100W incandescent lamps. It can be used as task lighting to light up every corner of your kitchen, your desk, your workbench. Being covered by silicone tube, it is IP65 waterproof, anti-vapor and oil fume, especially suitable for kitchen and bathroom use. (Please note the controller and the adapter are not waterproof.)