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Away-from-home smart light control

Apart from traditional methods to control lights that might be more friendly to the elderly, Ustellar smart strip lights also support smart ways the young generation prefers. As we work with the Lotus Lantern app, just simple taps on the mobile phone screen allow you to control lights even when you are not at home.

Fix strip lights with 3M Adhesive

Ustellar smart strip lights are fitted with 3M adhesive that is high-level strong. Choose a flat surface, clean it and paste, and the lights can be firmly stuck.

Absolutely safe to touch

With 24V output voltage, Ustellar smart strip lights can be touched without concern about security. At the same time, you can ebjoy constant brightness of the whole band and a better lighting experience.

Paint your spaces with 16 million colors

With 16 million colors, 29 dynamic modes and your infinite imagination, there is no limit to the lighting magic you can add. Time setting allows your amazing idea to be seen at a perfect time!

Let your lights dance to music

With the built-in highly sensitive mic, Ustellar strip lights react to every surrounding sound. Music, talking, laughing or even just clapping can change the light and even recreate light ambiance which leads you to another emotional peak!