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Backed by ten-year experience and sophisticated technique in the lighting industry, Ustellar officially started its journey in 2017 to serve high-level decorative lighting products with quality, sustainability and functions. The sales volume and real customer reviews have already proved our huge success, but we will never stop there. Instead, Ustellar is always on the way to optimize itself so as to provide best user experience for you all! 

Activate it by waving your hand

Really annoying and unsafe to press the button especially when your hands are wet, right? Ustellar sensor switch design helps to solve it. Just wave your hands above the the switch to turn on/off the light. What’s more, you may never worry that your naughty kids get hurt from electric shock!

Choose a brightness level you prefer

Brightness demand varies from time to time. But there is no need to worry that the light is too dim at day and too dazling at night. We have 10 levels of brightness for you to choose, absolutely fulfilling various demands.

Install it with your children

You may fix the strip with either sticky tape or clips. Both are easy to operate. And one surprise the light gives us is that the process of installing can be a part of parent-children interaction! Let your children decide where to place it and install it with them. Fix not only the light but also the sweet time spent with children.

Decorate your room in a simple style

Install the strip light at any place in your room. Decorate it with purely warm white light. That can’t be a better choice for those who prefer a simple life style!


Color: Warm white 3000K

Quantity of LEDs: 720 LEDs

Length of cabinet light: 12M/ 40ft

Output Voltage: 24V DC

Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Switch Type: Sensor switch

Wattage: Total 24W