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Backed by ten-year experience and sophisticated technique in the lighting industry, Ustellar officially started its journey in 2017 to serve high-level decorative lighting products with quality, sustainability and functions. The sales volume and real customer reviews have already proved our huge success, but we will never stop there. Instead, Ustellar is always on the way to optimize itself so as to provide best user experience for you all! 

Away-from-home smart light control

Apart from traditional methods to control lights that might be more friendly to the elderly, Ustellar smart lights also support smart ways the young generation prefers. As we work with the Shine Light app, just simple taps on the mobile phone screen allow you to control lights even when you are not at home.

Create a personalized experience with colorful lights

Use the Ustellar light recipes to instantly fit your mood or activities throughout the day. Transform any room for an immersive entertainment experience, create the perfect atmosphere for all your activities, or optimize your home decor.

Group your lights and control together

Get confused with so many lights? Group them together in the Shine Light app and release yourself from the chaos. It is also advised that you create groups for different spaces like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.

Sync your smart lights to your daily schedule

Preset Ustellar smart lights in the app according to your daily schedule and make light a part of your habit. For example, use the Timer Setting function so light will gently wake you up or lull you to sleep.


Wattage: 25W

Color: RGB

Material: ‎Aluminum

Voltage: ‎110 Volts (AC)

Batteries Required: ‎No

Type of Bulb: ‎LED

Waterproof rating: IP66

Woking Temperature: -25~40℃